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Helping our Neighbors Reclaim
Their Dignity.

Bringing people off the streets and into community.

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The issue

You see them every day, standing on the street corner, sleeping under the overpass or hiding in the woods.

We have been seeking to better understand who our homeless neighbors are and what we can do as a community to help those in real need. Through this process, we have learned that homelessness is not always caused by bad luck or a series of poor life choices, but additionally the significant loss of family and community connection is a major contributing factor that not only lands our neighbors on the streets but often keeps them there for many years.

Denton area neighbors, we can be a community that cares enough to provide our homeless neighbors with a home and the support they need as they restore their lives.

Future Home of Community Forever Village

The place where our Denton, Texas community will welcome home our local neighbors experiencing homelessness.

Our Solution

Loving and serving our neighbors

Community Forever Village is modeled after the proven success of Community First! Village in Austin, Texas. This program of Mobile Loaves & Fishes has been lifting homeless men and women off the streets and bringing them home to a place of permanence within a caring community since 2005. Currently, nearly 400 formerly homeless men and women call the Austin Village home.

Community Forever Village will have an intense focus on design that fosters community while providing permanent, alternative, supportive housing for those men and women suffering chronic homelessness in our community. We have secured land, and are now in the process of preparing our application to the city of Denton requesting approval for a planned development. 

Progress is happening but we need your help now!
Join us as we work to help our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness make their way home, find dignified work, and most importantly, get connected to a supportive community. Denton, Texas is a compassionate and caring community. Let’s come together now to help our vulnerable neighbors who need us most! 

We need your prayers, your time, and your treasure to build Community Forever Village into a place of home and belonging for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. 

Learn more about how you can volunteer or donate. 

“Housing alone will never solve homelessness, but community will!” 

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